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UC Berkeley Foothill Housing

Berkeley, CA

This award winning housing project for the UC Berkeley Campus is sited within the foothills from the Greek Theater to La Loma Street.  It is a large site, providing a home to 800 students.  The steep terrain of the area posed a design and accessibility challenge.

MPA Design oriented features such as circulation, buildings, and open spaces to follow the contours.  Embracing the site in such a way, we were able to conceal parking lots, reveal large flat gathering areas, and provide accessibility for all.  We carefully terraced the site to create to human scale places within the large site.  In all cases, the spaces are flexible and open-ended so as to accommodate the varied needs of campus life.  We create further interest by manipulating the topography to develop land forms, provide changes to material colors and textures, and the integration of site specific architectural details.

  • Date : 1990
  • Architect : Ratcliff/William Turnbull
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Berkeley CA
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