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Pleasant Hill Senior and Teen Centers

Pleasant Hill, CA

The Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District has undertaken significant upgrades to the Pleasant Hill Community Park, with a new 23,000 s.f. Senior Center, 7,000 s.f. Teen Center, Bocce Ball Court, and the relocation of a Horseshoe pit and Group Picnic area. The new Senior Center is the largest and most active senior center in the area drawing members from the Pleasant Hill area and surrounding towns.  The 3 acre site was designed to maintain many large existing trees, with parking for 153 cars, ADA accessible walkways, 2 outdoor patios overlooking the adjacent park, and new planting and irrigation.  A wide parking lot median contains a gently curving walkway connecting the street to the building with shade trees, benches, and planted bioswales to filter parking lot runoff. The east side of the site was designed to create a linkage with the existing park with the retention of several large existing trees, and the creation of a new pathway with access to the building.The new Teen Center replaces an existing facility in a very tight condition between the Aquatic Center, a parking lot, and a group picnic area.  The interface between those elements includes new walkways, a drop off plaza, ornamental planting, and stormwater treatment planting elements.  A new courtyard with a large shade tree on the west side of the building provides an attractive outdoor space for the teens.


  • Date : 2014
  • Architect : Harriman Kinyon Architects
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : San Francisco CA
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