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One Market Plaza

San Francisco, CA

A public open space plaza built over the parking structure of an existing high rise office building. The plaza supports street level retail uses and is  located in a prime downtown location near the waterfront at the east end of Mission Street.  As part of a repositioning project, MPA Design was responsible for the design and contract document preparation of updated streetscape development on Spear St., Steuart St., and a popular public plaza on Mission Street.  The paving pattern of the entry plaza reflects the flooring pattern of the indoor mall level.  Granite banding is incorporated to reflect the project’s high quality urban character. The project included preparation of guidelines for the protection of existing trees, new planters to delineate outdoor restaurant seating, and extensive coordination with City staff on the hardscape paving.

  • Client : Paramount Group, Inc.
  • Architect : Smith Group
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : San Francisco CA
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