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John F. Kennedy Gravesite

Arlington, VA

Winding paths follow the hillside contours of the world famous Arlington National Cemetery and direct visitors through the stately, tree covered landscape to the historic John F. Kennedy Gravesite. MPA’s design is comprised of a circular granite walkway, a large lawn area, and an elliptical terrace below the gravesite that is aligned with the Arlington Memorial Bridge and the Lincoln Memorial. A low granite wall engraved with Kennedy’s inaugural address delineates the entrance to the gravesite. Broad steps elevate viewers to the space marked by a simple gray tablet, inlaid weathered granite, and the eternal flame that burns at the center. Looking back, the site offers powerful views across the Potomac River of the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument.

  • Date : 1967
  • Reference : John C. Metzler Jr., Superintendent
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Arlington VA
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