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We strive to create an office culture of high standards, but filled with joy.  We love what we do!  This cultural environment we’ve created has resonated over the past 45+ years, and can be seen in the 100+ projects throughout the Bay Area and beyond.  At our San Francisco office we’ve seen many project scales and types, but no matter the project, we hold true to ourselves a design excellence for the end result.


What value do landscape architects bring to the table?  At MPA Design, we like to think of landscape architects as the unsung hero; the glue that pieces together a project.  We are the ones who seek to bring purpose and meaning to each and every project.  When we listen, we listen with the intent to understand.  When we speak, we speak to share our knowledge and experiences.  As practitioners, we understand that good communication is the backbone to the success of a project.  Indeed a project’s success is relative, but at MPA Design we believe in a holistic design approach that is site specific.  In the past, this approach we’ve experienced has brought economic, cultural, and environmental value to each project.

Although the only thing constant in life is change and we at MPA Design are capable of adapting to cultural trends or innovative technologies, we like to embrace good habits that focus on our goals/vision and design philosophy.

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  • LEED Gold Landscapes
  • Plazas and Courtyards
  • Master Planning


  • Apartments + Mixed-use
  • Community Centers
  • Podium Courtyards

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  • Public Works
  • Transportation
  • Memorials
  • Streetscapes